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The Time of Tea

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The Time of Tea

The Wonderful Journey of Tea in Life

Tea was born a wild herbaceous plant originated from China. In the ancient life supporting doctrines, its contributions have supported human physically and mentally since thousands of years ago till today.

There are less than countable numbers of tea houses and retail shops in Singapore. But to our long-time supporting customers and students, The Time of Tea is a very unique -Tea Study Boutique-.

When customers walked into the shop, not only can they settle themselves comfortably for a good cup of piping hot tea but also catch a breath of Chinese tea Culture with satisfaction.

What is more when they purchase their favorite teas, they brought home with them an abundance of ingenuous tea drinking experience and knowledge to use as useful health tips for their everyday livelihood as well.

The Time of Tea gives more than just drinking leisure.

We provide -tea directions- on how to inter flow the arts and skills between tea ceremonies and parties in the society.

This enables people to create better and stronger bonding in relationships when sometimes words became too superficial to express their most inner affections towards one another.

This is especially common between family members. Learning and knowing the customs help one to attain a more refine personality with a better understanding mind and sophistication of living.

Because of the unique and outstanding education we provide here, The Time of Tea draw the attentions and visits of most intellectuals. Indirectly, this gives tea a good chance to proof its values and usefulness scientifically and medically to them a new era of Tea Culture in the 21st Century.

Call the Time of Tea today for workshop packages and info!

The Time of Tea Quick Facts

Type of venue Tea House
Size (Sq ft) 1000
Capacity Total capacity: 30
Sitting: 20
VIP Seating We suggest you calling The Time of Tea for reservations and workshop details
Video setup The Time of Tea can arrange upon request
Audio setup The Time of Tea provide basic audio set up,guests can bring their own CDs
Catering The Time of Tea provide the catering with specialty cakes
Recent clients SSA, Morgan Treasury, 宏仁文化学苑
Suitable events Birthday, Cocktail Reception, Corporate Functions, Family, Get Togethers, Hen Nights, Networking, Parties, Product Launches, Team Building, Tea Workshops, Workshops & Activities, Health Venues, Vegetarian only


China Town MRT, NR1 , NR3 The Time of Tea
38 Mosque Street
Singapore 059516
Tel: +65 6220 5620

The Time of Tea Service Ranking

Phone enquiries The Time of Tea are very friendly
Email enquiries The Time of Tea will respond within 56 hours
Site visits The Time of Tea provide tea!
Follow ups The Time of Tea will follow up
Event coordination The Time of Tea guests are always pleased by their warm hospitality
The Time of Tea Venue Ranking

Cleanliness 8 / 10
Client servicing 7.5 / 10
Serving & bar staff 8 /10
Feel & ambience 8 /10
Venue cost Low
Overall score 8.0