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Sizzling Rock

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Sizzling Rock

Since 1993, authentic volcano rock cooking!

Right on the edge of the Singapore River sits a rather unique Al Fresco dining experience - the Sizzling Rock.

Merely describing the place as Al Fresco seems to do it injustice, as the Sizzling Rock dishes out not just an outdoor dining experience for breezy Singapore nights, but it also can provide a cool escape for the hot and hungry during lunch and MORE!

The lunch-hour crowd streaming from the offices around the area will attest to the cool and cosy atmosphere secreted away from the heat and sweat of the Singapore noon.

The prices are excellent (in the authentic spirit of Singaporeans - reasonable, and affordable), and the food -got standard one!-

A set lunch with many varieties of choice ensures the powerfully chilled upper deck of the restaurant is always filled with cool clients in for a hot deal.

This same level - recently overhauled, now christened the -Meeting Place @ 51- is the heart of the restaurants uniqueness.

Not only can it be -the place to go for a good lunch deal-, within minutes, the same area is transformed into a discotheque; a pub; a karaoke lounge; a seminar room; a function room; a video conferencing room. a Meeting Place.

While you may think that it is a wonderful place to try during lunch, the many other functions provided by the refurbished 51A gives you the option of booking the place in advance to host your private party, your private meeting, your video conferencing, or your private tete-à-tête (a combination of all, perhaps?).

If you have refused to budge from your comfortable sofa seat (even though lunch does end at 2.30 pm) at 6 in the evening, then we would like to invite you to savour our dinner specialty. Yes, the Sizzling Rock -
Literally. Dinner is served raw, on a volcanic piece of rock super-heated in a special oven to over 450 degrees Celsius.

So that piece of steak/chicken/salmon that you have ordered sizzles (mmmm) and cooks right in front of you. Within minutes, your meal is rare/medium/well-DONE! You get to eat your meal just the way you want it.

At anytime during your meal, if your food cools off, the rock has not, and you can warm it up by placing it back on the rock -the volcanic rock retains heat for up to 45 minutes. Freshness of the meat is guaranteed as most of it is air-flown

from New Zealand (Beef), and all of it is never frozen. It has got to be fresh, or it's thrown away.

Do not be surprised if you find the boss serving up your next dish and asking your opinions and suggestions. That's simply because we believe in good service and great food.

YOU are important to us, and we do all this because we want YOU to make this place your next meal-stop, and certainly, the first of many thereafter!

Sizzling Rock Quick Facts

Type of venue Al fresco Restaurant
Size (Sq ft) 1500
Capacity Total capacity: 130
Sitting: 72
VIP Seating call Sizzling Rock to make a table reservation
Video setup Sizzling Rock can provide the set up necessary
Audio setup Sizzling Rock provide audio on the 2nd level
Catering Sizzling Rock provide authentic volcano rock cooking
Recent clients Citibank, Asia New Pte ltd and many more
Suitable events Alfresco, Bar, Birthday, Cocktail Reception, Corporate Functions, Western Cuisine, Family, Get Togethers, Hen Nights, Networking, Outdoor, Parties, Product Launches, Restaurant, solemnisation, Team Building


Raffles Place/61/851/961/961/NR1 Sizzling Rock
51 & 51A Boat Quay,
Singapore 049840
Tel : +65 6534 2531

Sizzling Rock Service Ranking

Phone enquiries Sizzling Rock are friendly and informative
Email enquiries We suggest calling Sizzling Rock
Site visits Sizzling Rock will provide water
Follow ups Sizzling Rock gets very busy we suggest you to call them
Event coordination Sizzling Rock customers are always happy
Sizzling Rock Venue Ranking

Cleanliness 7 / 10
Client servicing 7 /10
Serving & bar staff 7 /10
Feel & ambience 7 /10
Venue cost Low
Overall score 7.0