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What is Singapore Parties?

Singapore Parties is a French British company established in Singapore since 2007 as Singapore's first and leading event venue booking agency.

What is an event venue booking agency?

Singapore Parties was designed to assist companies and individuals looking for an ideal event venue when organising an event or looking for a place to go out and have fun.

Why is Singapore Parties unique?

Singapore Parties is the first company in Singapore to provide such a detailed platform for customers to get in touch with event venues directly. We are also the first company in Singapore to specialize in providing personalised event venue recommendations and event venue booking services, we are a leading and pioneering company.

How do customers submit enquiries to my venue?

Customers can choose to submit a detailed Singapore Parties enquiry online from the search results pages or your personal venue page. They can also choose to get in touch with us for personalized Singapore Parties event venue services by clicking on Ask Jenny and we will forward their enquiry to you including their budget. Customers can also opt to call your venue directly as your telephone number is affixed on the free monthly Singapore Parties event venue guide and Singapore Parties monthly venue listing as well.

What happens after I receive an enquiry from the Singapore Parties website?

Event venues are required to follow up directly with the company or person that has sent the enquiry using our Singapore Parties enquiry form. We will only correspond with event venues that use our advanced consultancy services which is chargeable to customers. You control the enquiries!

How does the Singapore Parties event venue ranking system work?

Singapore Parties will rank event venues on service and event venue. We will equally be notified when a customer sends out a venue enquiry to your event venue, and will place random calls on a monthly basis to ensure the quality of event venue follow ups are to satisfactory standards. When we do surveys we share this data with the venue, so when you join you get more than only a listing! You get intelligent data that you can use to build your event venue!

Why does Singapore Parties have a ranking system?

Customers that use our Singapore Parties website portal and services are very important to us. Should venues not follow up it will affect Singapore Parties credibility and the customer's event planning. Please note that Singapore Parties does not send out invitiations to join our agency to all event venues, we also take down any event venue that does not follow through the terms and conditions.

I am an event venue, why should I join Singapore Parties?

Reach out to over 100,000 Singapore companies and PMEBs in Singapore a year. Increase your database and begin the relationship process with the enquiries you will receive. Increase your crowed capacity, or get more events with Singapore Parties.

How much does it cost to join Singapore Parties?

We charge a onetime small yearly fee of S$1200 or equivalent to S$100 per month only! Click here to request your membership form today..


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