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What is Singapore Parties?

Singapore Parties is a French/British company established as Singapore's first and leading event venue booking agency since 2007.

What is a event venue booking agency?

Singapore Parties enables you to search and book an entire event venue or make table reservations for your next event online using our Singapore Parties enquiry forms (located on the left of the search results pages and in the venue's personal pages).

Or, you can click on "Ask Jenny" and for only S$38 (UP S$88 - includes a 3.4% + S$0.50 Paypal service charge and GST) we will provide you our Singapore Parties expert event venue recommendations. Alternatively, you can send us an email for our advanced personalised venue services (specially priced from S$5000 and above including GST). Click here to learn more.

Are there any special Singapore Parties promotions?

Currently our Singapore Parties Ask Jenny service is priced at S$38 (includes a 3.4% + S$0.50 Paypal service charge and GST) instead of the usual rate at S$88. The promotion will end on 31.03.09.

Currently our Singapore Parties Advanced personalised event venue service is priced from S$5000 and above (includes GST).

Why is Singapore Parties unique?

You can search/book event venues and send enquiries at a click of a button; or you can save time and eliminate the hassle by letting us look after all your personal event venue needs!Singapore Parties is the first in Singapore to offer such services.

How will the event venue receive my enquiry?

Simply fill out our Singapore Parties enquiry forms located in the search results pages and the event venue's personalised pages. After hitting the submit button an email will be sent directly to the event venue's inbox, ready for them to follow with you. Should you have an event venue complaint or want to provide us venue feedback please contact Singapore Parties and click here.

When will the event venue respond to my Singapore Parties enquiry?

Depending on the event venue the response will differ. Expect event venues to respond anywhere from two to five working days. When you use our basic Singapore Parties Ask Jenny service, we will also send an email notification for them to respond to your enquiry.

Does Singapore Parties charge a service fee for booking event venues online?

Singapore Parties does not charge a fee for using the event venue search engine. It's also free to submit enquiries to event venues using the Singapore Parties enquiry forms. Upgrade using our personalised Singapore Parties Ask Jenny service, chargeable at only $38 (UP S$88 - includes a 3.4% + S$0.50 Paypal service charge and GST) per enquiry. Our advanced event venue consultancy service is priced from S$5000 and above (including GST).

What is personalised event venue sourcing?

This service is designed to eliminate the hassle of finding event venues yourself, we have Singapore Parties trained venue consultants that will provide you our expert event venue recommendations. Click here to learn more.

What happens after I find a suitable event venue using Singapore Parties website?

Singapore Parties is purely a tool to search and find event venues. All agreements and bookings are made directly between yourself and the event venue. Sending an enquiry from our website is not a confirmed booking until the event venue sends you their confirmation.

Will I have to pay higher venue rates when submitting enquiries through Singapore Parties?

Since we do not charge a Singapore Parties commission fee for our service to the event venues, the rates supplied by the venues will be same when using Singapore Parties services. Our yearly rate is also minimal (S$1200 per year) which won't affect event venue rates.

Has Singapore Parties ever been mentioned in the Press?

Yes we have, Singapore Parties has been featured in Straits Times on two occasions, JobsDB, Marketing Magazine on a couple of occasions as well as AdAsia as well as TimeOut Singapore, Chanel News Asia, CNN, IS Magazine to name a few.

How often do new event venues Join Singapore Parties?

New event venues join Singapore Parties on a monthly basis, so sign up for our free newsletter and bookmark Singapore Parties, Singapore's first venue booking agency.

Does Singapore Parties have supporting documents?

Whether you are an event venue or a customer browsing our site you can download our Singapore Parties PDF profiles with our rates by clicking on the PDF icons located on the left of the screen. We have a free monthly event venue guide and free event venue listing which is available free of charge.


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