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When was the Venue Award of Excellence conceptualized by Singapore Parties?

The Award, presented to event venues in Singapore, was created by Singapore Parties in March 2009.

Why was the Award created by Singapore Parties?

Singapore Parties is proud to work with event venues that are recognized in the industry for their service of excellence. We created the Award as a form of recognition that, we also work with credible and reputable event venues only. Event venues are carefully screened prior to Joining Singapore Parties.

When is a venue provided with an Award?

Singapore Parties will provide an award to event venues upon becoming a member that meet our guidelines and set of membership requirements only.

Why is this award credible and who is it endorsed by?

Singapore Parties is supported and endorsed by venues upon Joining. Subsequently, when a venue joins Singapore Parties, their logo will be placed next to some of the TOP event venues in Singapore.

Singapore Parties takes great care and respect of current members prior to extending an invitation to new event venues that may want to join our venue booking agency. We carefully screen each new event venue prior to contacting them by performing site visits, do test calls as well as sample the venue’s products.

Hence, when the award is presented, a venue is also getting the recognition from the other venues that are members of Singapore Parties as well.

What are the Award Categories?

Gold and Silver Awards include the following categories:

What other benefits will I receive upon receiving my Venue Award?

Event venues presented with the Award of Excellence will be able to use the Singapore Parties Logo in all their marketing material.

When a new venue joins their logo will be placed next to some of the TOP venues in Singapore. This seal of endorsement give the Singapore Parties logo credibility and recognition that we work with credible venues in Singapore.

Subsequently to assist venues to build their own credibility and reputability, event venues will be able to use the Singapore Parties Seal in their EDMs, Advertisements, Menus, Business cards, and any other form of marketing material they so desire.

How long can I use the Singapore Parties Logo in my Marketing Material?

Venues will only be able to use the Singapore Parties Seal throughout the Duration of their membership with Singapore Parties.

Should venues wish to extend the usage of our company’s Seal, venues will have to renew a membership of Singapore Parties.

How else can a venue promote the Singapore parties Seal within its premises?

Singapore Parties will also provide event venues with a set of Members’ Stickers. Venues will be able to then post them up throughout their venue to inform their customer they are indeed a member of Singapore Parties.


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