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About Singapore Parties

Singapore Parties a British company established as Singapore’s first and leading venue agency since 2007.

Over 30,000 businesses and professionals have used one of our Marketing Platforms to source for a venue upon organizing events.

Singapore Parties Services

Singapore Parties offers an all in one event venue search portal solution.

You can either search for event venues using our free and easy Singapore Parties search engine as well as submit unlimited Singapore Parties event venue enquiries directly to the event venues at a click of a button using the enquiry forms in the search results pages and individual event venue pages.

Alternatively if you require personalized Singapore Parties event venue assistance, click on "Ask Jenny" and we will provide you our expert event venue recommendations for S$38 (includes a 3.4% + S$0.50 Paypal service charge and GST)

Or, why not upgrade to our advanced Singapore Parties total event venue booking services! We will recommend suitable event venues, make all your follow up calls, set up site visits with the event venue's management, negotiate for better venue rates, provide caterers and book the venue for you! Singapore Parties service from S$388 for consultation and follow up services as well as a 18% commission fee of the total package we are able to negotiate with the venues.

Alternatively we can provide you a full time 2 years experience concierge assistant for only S$1200/month to do all your venue sourcing, coordination, calls, and act as your total personal assistant inclusive of 40 hours a week. Each concierge will be managed by an independent manager. Our concierges can also perform marketing and sales duties at will, as well as all other phone duties.

What are the Singapore Parties Benefits?

Save yourself time, eliminate the hassle of finding event venues yourself and save costs, its easy! search and book event venues at a click of a button.

More than an event venue directory listing, Singapore Parties provides personalized event venue services enabling customers to get in touch with venues instantly with all your event details that are relevant for event venues to follow up, saving you the hassle to write lengthy and complicated emails from scratch. We are a total event venue agent representing and recommending the best event venues. We truly look after customers and event venue's needs a like.

At Singapore Parties, we understand how tough it is to find an ideal event venue. We also know how time consuming it is having to keep taking time of work, or during the weekends to visit countless event venues only to find out they are not the ones for you.

We are venue experts, we have relationships with over 120 venue owners, let us do the talking and the walking for you. You just relax sit back and enjoy your event.

Singapore Parties Philosophy

At Singapore Parties we are dedicated to promote the best event venues in Singapore suitable for all types of clients needs. We want to save companies and individuals time, money and eliminate the stress of finding event venues. Because, at Singapore Parties, we know how tough an event can be to plan and how important a venue is to you, we are here to help.

Our Company Goal

Our aim at Singapore Parties, is to provide as many choices of event venues as possible in order to better the chances of finding the right event venue for your event.

We also want to assist in boosting the service industry standards in Singapore, which is why we have a Singapore Parties event venue ranking system in place. We bring venues to people and people to venues, it’s that simple.


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